What is the Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation of North Florida is a non-profit, tax-exempt public charity that promotes and facilitates long-term charitable giving.

  • We help people with their charitable giving.
  • We help local non-profit organizations both as a source of grants and as a vehicle for building endowments for their future.
  • We also serve as a resource for professional advisors to assist their clients with charitable giving.

As the fastest growing form of philanthropy, community foundations now number over 700 throughout in the U.S. Community foundations provide a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to giving.

Three Special Features

One: Personalized Service

We make giving easy, flexible and effective, accepting a wide variety of gifts and providing donors the greatest flexibility.

Two: Local Expertise

We were created by the community to benefit the community. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer board of leading local citizens, whose expertise and knowledge of the community support and direct the Foundation's activities. And, we collect and share information about local nonprofit organizations and their needs.

Three: Community Leadership

We provide leadership and education about charitable giving and endowment building.

The Community Foundation is here to:

Help People

Individuals, families and businesses can establish a charitable fund at the Foundation and in essence create something similar to a private foundation. The charitable fund may be created with amounts both large and small. The fund carries the family or business name and functions much like a private foundation but without the expense, administrative burdens and restrictions of a private foundation. The Foundation manages the fund including all investment, reporting, accounting and administrative complexities. That leaves the fun and rewarding part to the family or business: helping their favorite charities for generations.

To learn more about establishing a charitable fund, click here.

Help Local Charities

The Foundation is a source of grants and a vehicle for endowment building for local non-profit organizations. Establishing an endowment fund at the Community Foundation provides the non-profit organization with investment expertise, economies of scale, relief from administrative burdens, and greater recognition among a wide range of donors.

To learn more about endowment funds for nonprofit organizations, click here.

To learn more about applying for a grant, click here.

Help Professional Advisors

The Community Foundation is a single, simple, and highly personalized vehicle for donors to support all the causes they care about most. We are here to help professional advisors assist their clients in accomplishing their charitable goals.

To learn more about how we can help you help your clients, click here.