We help people connect to the causes they care about most. When your clients give through their community foundation, they...

Receive personalized service.

We work closely with you and your clients to develop a giving approach that matches their personal interests and tax planning needs. We can help integrate charitable giving within estate and financial plans, establish Donor Advised Funds named for your clients, facilitate anonymous giving, and assist with even the most complex gift instruments.

Enjoy flexible options.

The Foundation is a flexible vehicle for charitable giving. Your clients can use the Foundation to make one easy gift that benefits all of their favorite charities. We accept all types of assets including cash, securities, real estate, life insurance proceeds, retirement benefits, bequests under a will, charitable trusts, and much more. And, offer many types of funds to assist your clients in meeting their objectives including donor advised funds, donor designated funds, scholarship funds, memorial funds, field of interest funds, agency endowment funds, unrestricted funds and other types of funds.

Benefit from economies of scale.

Because we pool community charitable assets for investment and administration, your clients benefit from low investment and administrative costs. The pooling of funds also allows for greater diversification of investments and gives smaller charitable funds the opportunity to participate in investments that require larger minimums.

Receive professional investment services.

The Community Foundation provides endowment investment expertise through professional investment consultants and money managers engaged by the Foundation to assist us in attaining our goal of achieving superior long-term investment performance. The Board of Directors and the Investment Committee of the Foundation provide additional oversight, monitoring and evaluation.

To learn more about our investments, please click here.

Gain local expertise.

Our staff catalogs information about many areas of community need, including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts, and economic development. We can help your clients learn more about local agencies and programs that make a difference in the areas they care about most. Not sure of the tax exempt status of the charity your client wants to support? Contact us and we will do the research for you.

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