CFNF Agency Fund Management

The Community Foundation of North Florida (CFNF) is dedicated to providing support to theindividuals who are currently employed or associated with thenonprofit organizations that have an Agency endowment fund at the Community Foundation. Our goal is to provide information and resources on a continual basis to assist our Agency fundholders with understanding, growing and endorsing their CFNF endowment.

Having an endowment fund at CFNF is one of the best ways anonprofit can help support its future financial sustainability. With an endowment it's best to keep thinking, the bigger the better, the larger the endowment the more annual revenue generated for the organization.

This page was designed to help individuals managing an Agency endowment and provide information on topics such as annual grant distribution requests, retrieving quarterly fund statements, utilizing tools for endowment growth and access to various resource documents for download.

If you are seeking additional information or have questions, please contact Sarah Stout, Director of Donor Relations, at for further assistance.

Here's Where to Start

Using DonorCentral

DonorCental is the grant software program used by CFNF and provides Agency fundholders access to the annual spending balance of their Agency and/or Public funds, information for requesting annual grant distributions and access to quarterly fund statements . A DonorCentral user guide is available for download and can be found in the CFNF Agency Fund Documents section at the bottom of this page.

Individuals users must be approved to have access to DonorCentral which is determined by the head of the nonprofit organization for which they are associated. For questions about DonorCentral access or if in need of troubleshooting assistance please contact Sarah Stout.

DonorCentral Login

Viewing Annual Spending Balances

Towards the end of January each year, Agency fundholders can sign in to DonorCentral to view the annual spending balance for both the Agency and/or Public Fund. This information is included on the DonorCentral fund dashboard.

What is the difference between and Agency Fund and a Public Fund?

Agency Fund = Money sent to directly to CFNF from the Agency for the Agency endowment

Public Fund = Money sent to directly to CFNF by a donor for a particular Agency endowment

Is there a separate spending balance for each Fund?

Yes, if your endowment has received contributions from both funding sources and the endowment balance is above the minimum fora spending balance to be calculated. Be sure to read through the information on the dashboard to learn where these spending balances can be found.

Annual spending balances are calculated based on the CFNF board approved 4% spending policy.

Why is only one Fund balance appearing on the dashboard where is the other one?

DonorCentral was designed to only see the details of one fund at a time. To see the spending balance of the fund not showing (if applicable),click on the search bar that includes the wordFind.

Is it possible to only have just an Agency Fund or just a Public Fund?

Yes. At the time the endowment is established the source of the establishing gift determines which fund will be set-up. Forexample, if the Agency is giving the establishing gift only the Agency fund will be created. If a donor is giving the establishing gift then only the Public fund will be created. If only one fundtype is initially set-up the other fund type will be created if a gift from the other source is received by CFNF.

Requesting Annual Grant Distributions

If a spending balance is available, then a grant distribution request can be made. At the bottom of the DonorCentral dashboard page the Agency user can download the Agency Distribution Request Form for submitting to CFNF.

Can more than one request be made during the year for available funds?

Yes. It is not necessary to request the entire amount available. However, a grant distribution request must be greater than $100. CFNF grant submission deadlines are the 15th and 30th of each month, except for December when they are the 10th and the 20th. These dates should be taken into consideration as to when your organization would like to receive the funds.

What happens if an available spending balance is not taken for the current year?

At the end of the calendar year any remaining spending balances will be rolled back into the balance of the endowment fund. Making the decision to opt out of requesting an available annual spending amount, is a great way to help the endowment grow.

Can annual grant distributions be received without the submitting the Agency Distribution Request Form ?

No. Annual distribution requests will only be processed once CFNF has received the Agency Distribution Request Form which can be sent by mail or email. This document must be complete andinclude the required signatures of the individuals designated on the form.

Accessing Quarterly Fund Statements

At the close of each quarter CFNF will send an email notification to the nonprofit staff members designated to receive correspondence that fund statements are available for viewing. Upon receipt of this notification Agency fundholders can access DonorCentral to retrieve the most recent fund statement. If you do not receive an email notification please contact CFNF.

Are previous fund statements also available?

Yes. On the DonorCentral dashboard a link titled "See more fund detail" will provide access to previous fund statements.

How are copies of fund statement obtained?

Once signed in to DonorCentral fund statements can be viewed, printed, or emailed.

CFNF Agency Fund Documents

Periodically CFNF may include new information pertaining to Agency endowment funds here. Information custom to CFNF Agency endowments will be sent directly to the nonprofit affiliates associated with the fund. Please click the icon below to access the secured CFNF Agency Fund Documents Folder.

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