The Legacy Society provides a way for the Community Foundation to recognize and thank those very generous individuals who have provided for a gift to the Foundation that takes effect upon the individual's death. The deferred gift may be made to create a new fund or to add to an existing fund. We appreciate the opportunity to thank you personally during your lifetime, even if you do not wish to disclose the details of your plan or the amount of your gift.

Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts (to create a new fund or add to an existing fund) include:

  • A bequest to the Foundation in your will or revocable trust.
  • Naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of an I.R.A. or other retirement plan.
  • Naming the Foundation as a remainder beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust.
  • Establishing a charitable lead trust designating the charitable distribution to the Community Foundation.
  • Naming the Foundation the owner or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Peace of Mind

By giving through the Community Foundation with a planned or deferred gift, you can be assured that:

  • Your gift will be carefully invested and administered. Distributions will be made according to your intent.
  • You can accomplish all of your charitable goals by supporting multiple charities or causes with a single gift.
  • Your family members can be involved in continuing your philanthropic traditions.
  • Your gift will continue to make a difference.

Legacy Society Membership

We appreciate the opportunity to recognize and thank you during your lifetime as a member of the Legacy Society. Legacy Society members are invited to special events and educational forums hosted by the Foundation. If you decide to inform us of your planned gift but want to remain anonymous, we will respect your wishes for anonymity.

We thank the following Legacy Society members for their generosity and support of the Community Foundation:

  • Anonymous Donor
  • Dale Allen and Karen Klena
  • Rick R. Barnett Sr.
  • Judith Barrett and Terry Ward
  • Hubert and Martha Lee Bohannon
  • Flecia Braswell
  • Ray and Kathy Bye
  • Bill and Suzi Colledge
  • Mae Cleveland
  • John M. Curry
  • Carrol and Mildred Dadisman
  • Grace Dansby
  • Steve and Linda Evans
  • Susan Rountree Hall
  • Sheriff David F. Harvey
  • Deborah Ann "Honey" Hellings
  • Chad Henry and Jana McConnaughhay
  • Janet Hinkle
  • Ron and Carolyn Hobbs
  • David Lamoreaux
  • Lawton and Beth Langford
  • Margaret Levings
  • Regine Maligne
  • Anita Marlowe
  • Bonnie Marmor
  • Peggy and John McRae
  • Chuck and Patty Mitchell
  • Gov. Wayne and Margie Mixson
  • Carl G. Monson
  • Cal and Lou Ogburn
  • Robert R. Parrish, Jr.
  • Gayle Pease
  • Brooks and Almena Pettit
  • Nick and Lainey Prine
  • Frank and Mary Ruff
  • David and Kathleen Smith
  • Gina Smith
  • Linda Stalvey
  • Mary Ellen Strongoski
  • Christopher and Liza Sullivan
  • Paul and Cindy Sullivan
  • Dan and Denise Volmer

To become a member of the Legacy Society, simply:

  • Create a future gift to the Community Foundation of North Florida.
  • Call to let us know of your planned gift, (850) 222-2899 or contact us through your professional advisor.