Learn more about the Foundation through stories of donors using the Community Foundation as a vehicle for their charitable giving.


Ron and Carolyn Hobbs Fund

We learned what wonderful things that a community foundation can do as a founding board member of the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia. Although national charities are important in our giving, the Community Foundation of North Florida provides us with an efficient way to donate within our Tallahassee community. We are able to donate to the Foundation at the end of each year, and distribute to needy local charities, that we select when we wish.

—Ron and Carolyn Hobbs


Bye Family Fund

The Community Foundation allows us to support our favorite charities and our favorite community--Tallahassee. It provides a solid base for our giving, and the wonderful staff at the Foundation has been most helpful to us in initiating our fund.

—Ray and Kathy Bye


Thomas and Leslie Frye Allen Family Fund

The Community Foundation is a great way for our family to create a permanent legacy through the establishment of a named endowment fund that supports our charitable interests. Even though our children are young, we meet each year to add to our fund and discuss the need for supporting our favorite charities.

—Tom and Leslie Allen


David and Kathleen Smith Family Fund

Establishing a family fund with the Community Foundation has helped us streamline and organize some of our giving, and we expect the Foundation to play an even larger role as time goes on. In addition, this helps us show our children the importance of giving wisely to the institutions that are the most important to us, now and in the future.

—David and Kathleen Smith


Laurie and Kelly Dozier Family Fund

One of the main reasons we decided to use the Community Foundation was to create a family legacy and pass on our family’s giving values.The Foundation made it easy for us to begin a fund through the sale of some property, and the tax benefits of giving charitably through the Foundation are a great advantage.

—The Dozier Family


Pettit Family Community Fund

We established a Fund in 1998 as an alternative to creating our own family foundation. The Community Foundation has given us a remarkable opportunity to support the needs of our community and include our children in our philanthropy.

—Brooks and Almena Pettit


Dadisman Family Fund

The great investment returns on our family fund permit us to help some of our favorite charities each year while the fund remains at the same or even higher levels. The Community Foundation truly helps our gift keep on giving, year after year!

—Carrol and Mildred Dadisman


Dodd-Barnes Family Fund

By creating a family fund, the Community Foundation provided a vehicle to accomplish three of our family's goals: 1) to provide a centralized source from which to give back to our community, 2) to maintain and foster a belief in charitable giving across three generations, and 3) by gifting highly appreciated stock, we were able to put capital gains tax dollars to work for causes we believe in.

—Stan and Tenley Barnes


Chuck and Patti Mitchell Fund

The Community Foundation helps us make a difference by providing a cost effective vehicle for our charitable giving. Through the establishment of our fund we are able to make grants to the causes we care about most now and beyond our lifetime.

—Chuck and Patty Mitchell


Dale Pullen Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Community Foundation provided us with the opportunity to establish a scholarship fund in our son’s memory to assist students who share our son’s love of music.

—Gary and Debbie Pullen


Bryan A. Pease Memorial Fund

It is our desire to honor our son Bryan by assisting college students who have survived a major organ transplant and by increasing awareness of the need for organ donations. The Community Foundation is serving as the vital link to establish a living memorial to our son and we are so appreciative.

—Ron and Gayle Pease


John and Kathleen Radey Charitable Fund

The Community Foundation enabled us to get a tax deduction when we had the income and then distribute the charitable gifts later. The Foundation provided a convenient, hassle-free way to accomplish our goals. Ultimately, more money will end up in the hands of worthy charities.

—John and Kathleen Radey


Lir Sullivan Academic Scholarship Fund

With the help of our friends and family, we established a Scholarship Fund honoring the memory of our son Lir Sullivan by helping other young people reach for their dreams.

—Christopher and Liza Sullivan


Spotted Dotted Sable Mae Gregory Fund

My Fund generates grants to non-profit organizations that mutually benefit animals and people. My relationship with my companion dog Sable Mae is a perfect example of the human-animal connection that our fund is all about. Without the Community Foundation, I could never have fulfilled my dream to do something for others beyond my lifetime.

—Ayn Gregory


Elizabeth and Mark Scott Family Fund

The Community Foundation made it easy for us to make one gift and then decide which charities would receive grants from our fund. We appreciate the efficiency of using the Community Foundation to facilitate our charitable giving.

—Mark and Betsy Scott


Louis and Calynne Hill Fund

We appreciate the administrative and grant making support the Community Foundation provides. With the Foundation’s low administrative cost, we are able to allocate more dollars to our favorite charities.

—Lou and Calynne Hill


Louis Hill Sr. Scholarship Fund

The Louis Hill Senior Scholarship Fund benefits the Take Stock in Children Program at TCC and honors the life of a respected community leader, Louis Hill, Sr., who died in July 2003. "Mr. Hill had a strong commitment to the student loan program. He helped people who needed an opportunity."

—Gary Wright, former President/CEO of Farmers & Merchants Bank


Cheerful Giver Fund

When we wrote a book about FSU Coach Bobby Bowden in 2001, we were inspired by his approach to tithing on the 'first fruits'. Our Community Foundation fund has helped us take that charitable giving to the next level. We can better manage in the short term and know that the fund will serve out long-term goals outlined in our Trusts as well. It makes giving more enjoyable.

—Jim & Julie Bettinger


Sally and Fred McCord Family Fund

I want to pass our family’s giving values on to our children and grandchildren, and using the Community Foundation gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my philanthropy is everlasting.

—Fred McCord


Lohrengel Family Fund

"The Community Foundation has been the perfect place for our family to create an endowment that supports the charitable interests of each family member. We meet yearly to add to the fund and discuss our dreams for its future.

—Peter and Julie Lohrengel


Don Hinkle Fund

I had a hard time saying "no" to a worthy cause. As a result, my charitable giving was undisciplined and disorganized. Establishing a donor advised fund put my bleeding heart on a budget. I can prioritize my recommendations and no longer feel pressure to do more than I should. For me, establishing the fund has made charitable giving enjoyable and sustainable.

—Don Hinkle