CFNF Agency Fund Management

The Community Foundation of North Florida (CFNF) is dedicated to providing support to the individuals who are currently employed or associated with a nonprofit organization that has an Agency endowment fund at the Community Foundation. Our goal is to provide information and resources on a continual basis to assist our Agency fundholders with understanding, growing and endorsing their CFNF endowment.

We have provided basic information for managing an Agency endowment pertaining to the process of requesting an annual grant distribution, retrieving quarterly fund statements, tools to help grow an endowment and resource documents for download.

If seeking any additional information or have questions, please contact Sarah Stout, Director of Donor Relations for further assistance.

Welcome to DonorCentral!

DonorCental is a grant software program used by CFNF and where Agency fundholders go to view the annual spending balance of the Agency and/or Public funds, obtain instructions to make an annual grant distribution request and retrieve quarterly fund statements.

Individuals must be assigned access to DonorCentral which is determined by the head of the nonprofit organization for which they are associated with. For questions about individual access or if needing troubleshooting assistance please contact Sarah Stout.

DonorCentral Login

Annual Fund Distributions

Having an endowment fund at CFNF is one of the best ways a nonprofit can help support the future financial sustainability of the organization. With an endowed fund the idea is.....the bigger the better, the larger the endowment fund balance the more revenue generated for the organization.