The Community Foundation of North Florida provides individuals, families and businesses with a simple, flexible and cost-effective vehicle for accomplishing their charitable goals.

Donor Benefits

We provide prompt, personal service, tailored to your charitable and financial objectives. As a local organization with broad knowledge of community issues and needs, we can help you invest in causes that you care most about.

Maximum Tax Advantages

  • If you choose to use appreciated assets to establish your fund, you escape capital gains tax leaving more dollars to support your favorite charities.

  • You may also choose to give larger amounts in good income years to shelter income and then over time, recommend grants to your favorite charities.

  • We invest your charitable dollars allowing you to give away more.

  • You receive a current income tax deduction and the gift to your fund removes assets from your estate thereby reducing future estate tax liabilities.

Organized Charitable Giving

  • You receive one tax receipt for all of your charitable gifts.

  • You receive regular reports showing the charities you are giving to and the amounts given to each.

  • Your charitable fund acts as a buffer for on-the-spot solicitations.

Legacy Giving

  • You may continue your giving and support favorite charities beyond your lifetime.

Generational Giving

  • You may include your children and grandchildren in your philanthropy to share your values and traditions of giving back.

Ways to Give

Giving to the Community Foundation of North Florida is simple. We accept a variety of gift types that you can give today or in the future.

Donor Fund Types

The Community Foundation of North Florida manages a variety of charitable fund types. You can give a gift at any time to an existing fund or establish a new named fund. 

Our Financials

Our Agency Funds

Donors can provide long-term support for nonprofits by giving to their Agency Endowment.

Ready to Establish a Donor Fund?

Thank you for your interest in learning more about a fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida. The decision to establish a fund is an important step toward reaching your charitable giving goals. 

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