The Community Foundation offers a variety of fund types that can be established by  individual donors or business owners.

Donor Advised

A Donor Advised Fund allows donors to have ongoing involvement in deciding how to support charitable causes by recommending grants to qualified nonprofits. Our staff can help identify organizations working to address issues and needs you care about most. We handle the due diligence, ensuring selected nonprofits are in good standing. Your recommendations are submitted to our board for approval; afterward, we distribute grant dollars.

Corporate Advised

A Corporate Advised Fund works in the same manner as a Donor Advised Fund. The only difference is that advisors to the fund are determined and appointed by the corporation.


A Designated Fund can name one or more specific nonprofit organizations, colleges, or universities to receive the annual fund’s grant distribution. Annual grantmaking to the chosen organization(s) is handled by our staff.

Designated funds can only be established as a permanent Endowed Fund.

Designated funds that support scholarships are not subject to the $500 scholarship fee.

Field of Interest

A Field of Interest fund allows a donor to select specific areas of interest that are most important to their charitable intent such as: the arts, environment, education, animal welfare, etc. Our board selects nonprofit organizations that are making a difference in the specified chosen areas to receive annual grant distributions.

Field of Interest funds can only be established as a permanent Endowed Fund.


A Scholarship Fund allows donors to be actively involved with the annual grant cycle process. Donors work with our staff to determine such things as awarding criteria, committee members, application details, etc.

Scholarship funds can only be established as a permanent Endowed Fund.


An Unrestricted Fund allows the Community Foundation the flexibility to respond to the community’s most pressing needs, today and tomorrow.


A donor can commit a planned gift, also known as a Legacy Gift, to the Community Foundation during their lifetime for the purpose of establishing a legacy fund upon their death. Learn more about Legacy Giving here.