Proctor family
Photo courtesy of Brittany Morgan Photography

They say that strong roots produce beautiful leaves, and that has never been more apparent than in the lives of Tom and Gina Proctor. The couple met after being set up on a blind date nearly 20 years ago, and when it was time to lay down roots of their own, choosing to stay in Tallahassee was easy. After all, Tom came from a family that had called the Big Bend home for generations. Upon starting a family of their own, Tom and Gina decided it was time to lay down different roots — creating a legacy of giving for their children to learn from and one day model.

Tom’s family set a solid example of what it means to give back to the community, so when Tom had a particularly good year in real estate in 2005, the couple decided to set up a fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida to provide a way to give back — not just for the short term but long into the future.

“Setting up a fund meant that we could get the tax benefit when we needed it while spreading out our giving over time,” explained Tom. “In 2005, the economy was booming. That wasn’t the case three years later. Times were tough, but thanks to our fund with the Community Foundation, we could continue to support local charities that needed it most.”

Giving back to the community is important to the Proctors, and it’s a value they want to pass down for generations to come. “Creating a fund has laid the groundwork for us to teach our children about the importance of giving,” said Gina. “Instilling those values is one more way we can support the community we love.”

Contact the Community Foundation of North Florida to learn more about how they can assist you in achieving your charitable giving goals while benefitting from the greatest tax advantages allowed by law.