Learn more through testimonials why nonprofit organizations partner with the Community Foundation as a vehicle to build an endowment for their futures. Through the Community Foundation, local nonprofits collectively have access to a diversified endowment investment portfolio and expertise that would be difficult, if not impossible, to access individually and at a low cost due to the economies of scale.

The partnership with the Community Foundation allows nonprofit board and staff to focus on the mission of their organization while the Foundation professionally invests, accounts for and protects the endowment funds in perpetuity.

Elder Care Services

The Elder Care Services endowment fund was established at the Community Foundation in 2007. The mission of Elder Care Services is to improve the quality of life for seniors and their caregivers in the Big Bend by providing opportunities for community engagement and services for safe independent living.

—Fundholder Since 2007

Lee's Place

"Our fund at the Community Foundation made it possible for Lee's Place to accept donations that were used as working capital prior to us becoming a 501 (c) (3) organization. We are grateful to have such a resource in our community."

"Lee's Place is confident the Community Foundation has our best interest at heart and will look after our funds appropriately and competently for the long term stability of our organization. The staff is accessible and responsive providing valuable information and direction. CFNF is the best place for our funds. Trust is everything! This trust frees us to focus on what we do best - provide counseling services to individuals and groups facing difficult life challenges."

—Brenda Rabalais, Founder & President

Legal Services of North Florida

Legal Services of North Florida established an endowment fund at the Community Foundation in 2007. Legal Services assists individuals and the elderly population who are of low-income with advice and case representation in civil matters.

—Fundholder Since 2007

Second Harvest of the Big Bend

Second Harvest of the Big Bend has been part of the Community Foundation agency endowment family since 2007. Through the mission of Second Harvest, the organization partners with agencies to educate and engage the community in the effort of feeding the hungry throughout the Big Bend area.

—Fundholder Since 2007

Tallahassee Senior Citizen Foundation

"CFNF gives the Tallahassee Senior Center and Foundation the power of security and sustainability for the future of programming and services to help mature adults live a high quality of life in our community and stay active and well. Over the years CFNF has earned our confidence in its ability to most productively and efficiently grow our resources — it is the best place to make a gift that will last through the generations."

—Sheila Salyer, Manager

Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

TSO is proud to have started a new endowment fund with the Community Foundation in 2018. Having a dedicated partner to support TSO in creating a sustainable funding model for the future of our organization was pivotal in our decision to work with CFNF.

—Amanda Stringer, CEO Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra

United Way of the Big Bend

United Way of the Big Bend (UWBB) established an endowment with the Community Foundation in 2006. UWBB is committed to collaboratively working to identify and address the needs of those living in poverty and the working poor. The organization has five funding priority outcome areas; Housing, Early Learning (to include elementary aged children and younger), Safety Net, Aging Workforce (to also include retired seniors) and Skills Development.

—Fundholder Since 2006

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